Financial Planning

Financial Planning is not a destination… it is a process.

"Mutual trust, guidance and collaboration are key to discovering how all aspects of you, your family, business and lifestyle can contribute to successfully pursuing your short, medium and long term goals. Your situation determines the complexity of your plan." -Suzanne Krasna

Contact us for your complimentary confidential planning consultation. 

Personal and Comprehensive Financial Planning includes:  

  • Personal Cash Flow/Budgeting/Management
  • Net worth Assessment
  • Employer Benefits Review/Employee Benefits
  • Risk management/ Insurance analysis review
  • Portfolio and Investment planning
  • Goal Setting, Assessment and Funding
  • Income tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Retirement income planning
  • Estate planning 
  • Longevity Life Planning

Consulting on a specific area of your choosing/ Modular Financial Planning can be 1,2,3 modules. We can work with you on an hourly or flat fee, based on anticipated time needed. Some special subjects can include review of your employer's retirement package, proposed divorce settlement, prenuptial assessment, special gifts to individuals/non profit, or as simple as answering the question "Do I have enough money to retire?" 

Other services available: on-going Wealth ManagementBusiness ServicesConcierge Services and Educational Events